Creating favorable conditions for social housing buyers

Cập nhật: 23-04-2024 | 11:00:08

On the afternoon of April 22, a delegation of provincial Party Committee, led by Nguyen Van Loi, Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of provincial Party Committee, Head of provincial National Assembly deputy delegation surveyed and checked the progress of implementation of the social housing project under Chanh My Ecological Urban Area project in Thu Dau Mot city. The event was also attended by Nguyen Thi My Hang, Chairwoman of provincial Fatherland Front Committee; Nguyen Van Danh, Vice-Chairman of provincial People's Committee.

Reporting to the delegation, representative of the Housing and Urban Development Investment Corporation said that the Chanh My Ecological Urban Area project consists of 2 phases. Particularly, the phase 1 of the project has a scale of 114.77 hectares with a population of 13,000 people. To date, the site of 516 out of 541 households have been recovered, with a total area of ​​108.2 hectares out of 114.7 hectares, accounting for about 94.33% of total. Meanwhile, An Sinh Housing Project has a land area of 27,600m², with construction floor area of 83,389.25m², including 6 12-storey apartment towers, with 978 apartments...

Speaking at the working session, Mr. Loi requested the investor of the project to coordinate with relevant sectors to have solutions to resolve social housing shortcomings surrounding the paradox of "lack of supply, high demand, but products cannot be sold”. It is necessary to review and consider applicable criteria to home buyers. Provincial Labor Union and Trade Union system need to survey and grasp workers ‘needs for buying social housing apartments to have appropriate policies and procedures, creating favorable conditions for home buyers.

He requested Thu Dau Mot city and relevant sectors to further mobilize and persuade people while properly and fully applying policies, ensuring the rights and interests of people whose land is recovered. In addition, relevant sectors of the province need to quickly deploy the connection of technical infrastructure systems; recheck legal procedures to ensure compliance with legal regulations, contributing to accelerating the progress of the project.

Reported by Tri Dung-Translated by Kim Tin

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