Many activities take care of workers' lives

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 Two weeks after launching Workers' Month, all localities and trade unions in the province have organized activities to care for both material and spiritual lives of workers. Besides the gifts, "Trade Union Shelter", "Worker Meal", useful playgrounds..., workers feel most heart warmed when leaders at all levels in the province came to each business and lodging room to visit, encourage, and share their difficulties.

Nguyen Kim Loan, Chairwoman of the Provincial Labor Confederation, takes part in a trade union’s meal together with employees of Me Kong Furniture Company.

 Take good care of

Talking with the provincial leaders who visited workers at Hai My Company (Thuan An City) during Workers' Month, where more than 6,500 workers are working, Bui Ngoc Sa, born in Soc Trang province, said: “Thanks to the care and concern of trade unions and authorities at all levels in the province, the lives of many workers' families have overcome the most difficult times. Every word of sharing and encouragement from the provincial leaders encouraged workers away from home like us to overcome difficulties and complete our job well."

Sa and her husband have worked for many years at Hai My Company with a stable income. But something unfortunate happened when in 2023, their first child had a congenital heart disease, requiring surgery costing nearly 200 million VND. Thanks to insurance and support from the company's grassroots trade union and benefactors in the province, her child's heart disease was cured. Sa said in tears: “Trade unions at all levels in the province are always enthusiastic, grasp every case at all grassroots trade unions to promptly help, not just our company. These are cases of sickness, serious diseases, labor accidents... Therefore, poor workers have overcome the most difficult times."

During this year's Workers' Month, the Provincial Trade Union alone supported more than 10,000 workers, equivalent to each gift of more than 1 million VND. In addition, each grassroots trade unions, industrial park trade union, and local Labor Confederations has activities to take care of both the material and spiritual well-being of workers. Since the beginning of May, localities have simultaneously organized sports festivals and competitions in football, badminton, table tennis, tug of war... so that May truly becomes a workers' festival.

Recently, Ben Cat City hosted the 2024 job fair. Thereby, more than 20 businesses participated in dialogues with employees about wages, welfare benefits, and had a need to recruit nearly 1,000 workers. The job fair also created dozens of discount booths, helping workers buy discounted products; gave dozens of gifts to workers having difficult circumstances. Or in Thuan An City, this locality organized a workers' festival. The festival not only created a useful weekend playground for thousands of workers, but also gave nearly 300 gifts to workers having difficult circumstances... In other districts and cities in the province, there are practical activities to turn towards workers.

Businesses join hands

During Workers' Month, many businesses join hands with the Provincial Trade Union to create various programs and take better care of workers. For example, Mekong Furniture Company (Thu Dau Mot City) coordinated with the Provincial Labor Federation to organize a union meal to express gratitude, accompany and connect workers. Thereby, nearly 1,000 company workers participated in the program, each meal was worth 110,000 VND (an additional value of 85,000 VND/serving compared to daily meals at the company). The meal included many dishes such as chicken curry, stir-fried beef with bok choy, sour fish soup, shrimp, fruits...

At this program, the Provincial Labor Federation also supported 100 gifts worth 1 million VND each in cash for employees having difficult circumstance at the company; Thu Dau Mot City donated necessities worth 300 million VND to workers. The organizing committee also gave birthday gifts to employees in May and June... Nguyen Kim Loan, Chairwoman of the Provincial Labor Confederation, said: “Organizing trade union meals for workers during Workers' Month is a practical and meaningful activity, demonstrating the union's concern for workers. This activity also aims to call on employers to continue to care for and improve meal nutrition and ensure the health of employees; create harmonious, stable and progressive relationships within businesses."

Mai Thanh Tuyen, grassroots Trade Union President of Shang Hung Cheng Company (Thuan An City), said that in response to activities to care for workers during Workers' Month, from April, the company hosted a sports festival throughout the company to create a playground for union members and employees; provided milk in meals for employees, increasing nutrition of meals. In addition to 100 gifts supported by the province, the company also gave 100 gifts to workers having difficult circumstances. Besides, activities to ensure occupational safety and hygiene are promoted throughout the company.

At companies with many workers, such as: Hai My Company (Thuan An City), Chi Hung Company (Tan Uyen City), Phong Thai Rubber Company (Ben Cat City)... all have gift giving and visiting workers at lodging houses, opening of playgrounds, medical examination and treatment, and say thank to workers during Workers' Month.

 In addition to providing material and spiritual care for union members and employees, the Provincial Labor Confederation also organizes many activities to honor good and creative workers; commends hundreds of exemplary businesses and individuals for "Studying and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, ethics, and style"; donates 2,000 “ao dai” to women workers having difficult circumstances; organizes worker dialogue meetings with provincial leaders...

 Reported by Quang Tam - Translated by Ngoc Huynh


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