ASEAN Ceramics Expo 2023 takes place in Hanoi

Cập nhật: 30-11-2023 | 05:45:04

The ASEAN Ceramics Expo 2023, Southeast Asia’s leading international exhibition of machinery, technology, and materials for manufacturing white-ware, heavy clay and advanced ceramics, is underway in Hanoi.

The ASEAN Ceramics Expo 2023 has attracted more than 200 companies and brands from 19 countries

The November 28-30 exhibition has attracted more than 200 companies and brands from 19 countries, including ASEAN nations, Italy, China and the Republic of Korea. 

Speaking at the opening ceremony, chairman of the Vietnam Construction Ceramics Association Dinh Quang Huy said he believes that the exhibition will help connect experts in the ceramic industry. Huy also described the event as an opportunity to foster knowledge exchange and promote the development of the industry.

According to the organisers, the expo provides the ASEAN region access to the world’s leading technologies, equipment, solutions, know-how and best practices available in the market. Suppliers to the industry would meet, network and showcase their expertise to the key buyers from the region, and strengthen or establish their foothold in the world’s most dynamic region for the ceramics industry.

In addition, a series of seminars will also be held on the occasion, along with field trips to ceramics factories.

Since 2013, ASEAN Ceramics has been attracting more than 4,000 international exhibitors, buyers, conference speakers and delegates annually.

Deputy Minister of Construction Nguyen Van Sinh said that the ceramics industry contributes over  3 billion USD each year to Vietnam's GDP. In addition to serving domestic market demand, Vietnam-made construction ceramic products have been exported to many countries around the world, such as ASEAN, Northeast Asia, America, and Europe.

In 2022 alone, exports of ceramic products brought home over 220 million USD, he added./.


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