Vietnam urged to build legal corridor for AI industry

Cập nhật: 25-04-2024 | 06:26:39

Vietnam needs a policy on artificial intelligence (AI) to help this industry develop strongly, while minimising risks, according to insiders.

The Ministry of Science and Technology has proposed the Government approve a national strategy on AI research, development and application by 2030

In the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 127/QD-TTg dated January 26, 2021 promulgating the national strategy on research, development and application of AI by 2030, the building of a legal system and corridor related to AI is one of the highlights.

Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Nguyen Hoang Giang affirmed that Vietnam cannot stay out of the game, but must ensure two factors. On the one hand, the country needs to build an open environment meeting practical needs in research and development and socio-economic development. But on the other hand, due to the downside of AI, it must be developed responsibly, in accordance with Vietnamese practice and culture.

Digital technology development must go hand in hand with responsibility and ethics, he stressed.

The ministry is also reporting to the Government on the need to propose the promulgation of a law on digital technology industry to the National Assembly, in order to create new development space for digital technology, and turn it into a new production force, resource and factor, and a new driving force of the country.

Nguyen Phu Tien, Deputy Director of the National Digital Transformation Department under the Ministry of Information and Communications, said that the ministry is tasked with developing and completing additional legal documents on establishing and sharing data about the testing framework (sandbox), thus creating a favourable space with specifically designed legal policy framework to conduct AI testing in potential fields.

The ministry has also assigned the department to preside over the pilot implementation of large language models and virtual assistants, and build a Benchmark set (a strategic tool used to compare the performance of processes, products and services of a business with the performance of the best companies inside and outside the industry) to evaluate the quality of large language models. It is expected to be issued in 2024.

The Ministry of Science and Technology has proposed the Government approve a national strategy on AI research, development and application by 2030.

The move is to create a boost for Vietnam’s AI industry, turning the country into a bright spot in this regard, said deputy chief of the MoST’s Department of High Technology Tran Anh Tu at the ministry’s quarterly press conference in Hanoi on April 10./.


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