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THANH ÂM CUỘC SỐNG: Tiếng rao của ba… 

Cập Nhật 29-11-2023

“Dừa xiêm đây, dừa xiêm Bến Tre siêu…ngọt!”. Đó là tiếng rao ghi âm sẵn của người đàn ông bán dừa tươi. Hàng ngày anh chạy chiếc xe máy cà tàng chở theo mấy quầy dừa đi bán dạo.

Tag: người cha,tiếng rao,kiếm tiền,khó khăn

Vietnam sees record number of int'l tourists in November 

Cập Nhật 29-11-2023

Vietnam served over 1.23 million international tourists in November, up 11% month-on-month, the record monthly number in 2023, according to the Vietnam National Authority of Tourism (VNAT).

Tag: International Tourists,Vietnam National Authority Of Tourism,Tourist Market

Vietnamese player defends championship at world xiangqi tournament 

Cập Nhật 29-11-2023

Vietnamese chess player Lai Ly Huynh has defended his championship in the men’s individual rapid xiangqi (Chinese chess) category at the 18th World Xiangqi Championship which wrapped up on November 25 in the US.

Tag: Chess Player,Championship,18th World Xiangqi Championship

Public debt “holds back” global economic growth 

Cập Nhật 29-11-2023

At a record high of 307.4 trillion USD, global public debt is becoming a burden “holding back” the growth of many economies.

Tag: economic growth,Public debt,IMF

Indonesia’s Anak Krakatau volcano erupts 

Cập Nhật 29-11-2023

Indonesia’s Anak Krakatau volcano in the waters of Sunda Strait erupted on November 28, spewing volcanic ash cloud of around 1 kilometre into the sky, according to Indonesian authority.

Tag: Indonesia,Anak Krakatau Volcano,Volcanic Ash Cloud,Indonesian Authority,Tsunami

President attends ceremony marking 50 years of Vietnam-Japan diplomatic ties 

Cập Nhật 29-11-2023

President Vo Van Thuong and his spouse attended a ceremony marking the 50th anniversary of Vietnam-Japan diplomatic ties held in Tokyo on November 28.

Tag: President Vo Van Thuong,50th Anniversary Of Vietnam-Japan Diplomatic Ties

Deploying communication activities in response to the National Population Action Month 

Cập Nhật 29-11-2023

In response to the National Population Action Month (December) and Vietnam Population Day (26th December) this year,

Tag: population action month

Focus on developing planting area codes 

Cập Nhật 29-11-2023

In recent times, Binh Duong provincial Planting and Plant Protection Department has been actively promoting awareness and organizing training sessions

Tag: plant protection,planting growth

Do a good job of collaboration in disseminating insurance policies among the people 

Cập Nhật 29-11-2023

On November 28, Provincial Steering Committee for the implementation of social insurance, health insurance, and unemployment insurance policies held a conference to evaluate the ten-month results

Tag: social insurance

Red Cross’s emulation cluster of the southeast provinces: In 2023, the value of social humanitarian activities reaches more than VND559 billion 

Cập Nhật 29-11-2023

On November 28, Binh Duong Provincial Red Cross Society in coordination with Red Cross’s emulation cluster of the Southeast provinces held a conference to summarize works and movements of the Southeast provinces in 2023.

Tag: Red Cross,humanitarian activities,social activities

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