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A safe, cost-saving and sentimental festival 

Cập Nhật 06-02-2023

Another festive event has passed in joy and excitement leaving the good impressions of the Full Moon Festival in January forever

Tag: Ba Temple Festival,safe

Like the year-beginning festival 

Cập Nhật 06-02-2023

For a long time, people all over the country, after the Lunar New Year, are busy celebrating festivals at the beginning of the year with many meaningful activities.

Tag: New Year festival

Vietnam calls for ASEAN cooperation to spur tourism development 

Cập Nhật 06-02-2023

Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Doan Van Viet has called on other ASEAN member countries

Tag: Vietnam,

Enhancing competitiveness, creating leverage for development 

Cập Nhật 06-02-2023

Binh Duong has always attached special importance to developing comprehensive socio-economic infrastructure facilities

Tag: competitiveness,

Spreading Vietnamese ceramics at the world's largest international trade fair 

Cập Nhật 06-02-2023

Representative of Minh Long I Co., Ltd. said that the company has participated in introducing products

Tag: Vietnamese ceramics,

Thu Dau Mot University maintain Webometrics Top 20 

Cập Nhật 04-02-2023

In February 2023, Webometrics announces its annual ranking, of which, Thu Dau Mot University (TDMU) maintains its 20th position among 184 universities and educational institutions nationwide.

Tag: TDMU ranking

Indian journalist impressed by Ha Long Bay cruise 

Cập Nhật 03-02-2023

Aatreyee Mohanta, an Indian journalist of Telegraph India, enjoyed plenty of quintessential experiences in Vietnam as she travelled on the Aspira Cruise

Tag: Ha Long Bay,impression

For bright springs… 

Cập Nhật 03-02-2023

The country has entered the spring and our Party has added a new age. Over 90 springs accompanying the nation, whether in favorable or difficult circumstances, the Party has always affirmed

Tag: For bright springs,

Khởi tranh Night Wolf V.League 2023 

Cập Nhật 03-02-2023

Trái bóng Night Wolf V.League 2023 sẽ chính thức khởi tranh vào chiều nay (3-2) trên sân cỏ khắp cả nước.

Tag: Night Wolf V.League 2023,Becamex Bình Dương,Chelsea Việt Nam

HLV Park tiếc vì chưa tròn 100 trận cùng Việt Nam 

Cập Nhật 03-02-2023

Trong cuộc giao lưu sau khi kết thúc hợp đồng, HLV Park Hang-seo xúc động trước tình cảm của người hâm mộ và để ngỏ khả năng mở học viện tại Việt Nam.

Tag: HLV Park Hang-seo

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