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Many targets and tasks have been achieved and exceeded the plan 

Cập Nhật 11-12-2023

With unity and determination, Tan Uyen city continues to mobilize the entire political system to implement the directives and resolutions of the central government,

Tag: Tan Uyen city,thriving forward,socio-economic development

The 2nd Medical and Technical Conference of Binh Duong province in 2023 

Cập Nhật 11-12-2023

On December 9, the Department of Health, in collaboration with Binh Duong Medic General Hospital, organized a scientific and technical conference

Tag: medical conference,technical

Provincial Police Youth Committee do meaningful activities in Dien Bien province 

Cập Nhật 11-12-2023

From December 5 to 9, Binh Duong Provincial Police’s Youth Committee organized a program named "Winter Volunteer 2023” and "Spring Volunteer 2024” in Dien Bien province.

Tag: Provincial Police,Youth Committee,Dien Bien province,Dien Bien Phu Victory

Binh Duong Fine Arts and important milestones 

Cập Nhật 11-12-2023

On December 10, 1951, Uncle Ho sent a letter to artists on the occasion of a major art exhibition celebrating the 5th anniversary of the National Day of Resistance

Tag: Fine Arts,artist,artworks,art exhibition,baobinhduong,binhduongnews

Building up smart and sustainable IPs 

Cập Nhật 11-12-2023

Going through a long journey of construction and development, Binh Duong recognized that the choice to build concentrated industrial park (Ips)

Tag: smart and sustainable IPs,

Fire-fighting and rescue rehearsal held at provincial Administration Center building 

Cập Nhật 11-12-2023

Early December 10, provincial Fire Prevention and Rescue Steering Committee organized a fire-fighting and rescue rehearsal program

Tag: Fire-fighting and rescue rehearsal,

Thuan An gets joyful with "Green singing voice and dance group" music and dance exchange program 

Cập Nhật 11-12-2023

Early December 10, the "Green Singing and Dance Group" music and dance exchange program took place

Tag: Thuan An,

Many people in Phu Giao participate in voluntary blood donation 

Cập Nhật 11-12-2023

Phu Giao district’s Steering Board for Voluntary Blood Donation Mobilization has just coordinated with Ho Chi Minh city-based Cho Ray hospital’s Blood Transfusion Center

Tag: Many people,

Kích cầu tiêu dùng dịp cuối năm 

Cập Nhật 11-12-2023

Trong bối cảnh kinh tế khó khăn, người dân thắt chặt chi tiêu, Quốc hội vừa đồng ý giảm 2% thuế giá trị gia tăng từ ngày 1-1 đến hết ngày 30-6-2024.

Tag: tăng trưởng kinh tế

Người được tuyên dương “Nông dân Bình Dương xuất sắc” 

Cập Nhật 11-12-2023

Vườn ớt của ông Lê Văn Sơn (ảnh), tổ 4, khu phố Tân Phú, phường Tân Hiệp, TP.Tân Uyên, trong những ngày tháng 12 sum sê, trĩu quả.

Tag: TP.Tân Uyên

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