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Lực lượng vũ trang huyện Bàu Bàng: Thực hiện tốt nhiệm vụ quân sự - quốc phòng địa phương 

Cập Nhật 29-11-2022

Thời gian qua, Đảng ủy - Ban Chỉ huy Quân sự (CHQS) huyện Bàu Bàng đã tăng cường lãnh đạo, chỉ đạo, điều hành, làm chuyển biến mạnh mẽ nhận thức, trách nhiệm,

Tag: Ban Chỉ huy Quân sự

Emulation movement "1 million initiatives" spread 

Cập Nhật 29-11-2022

In recent years, patriotic emulation movements launched by Trade Union of Binh Duong province have aroused the sense of responsibility and creativity of union members and employees.

Tag: Good Labor - Creative Labor,1 million initiatives,Saigon Stec,Vision International,Labor Confederation,trade union,emulation movements

Good results attained in foreign affairs and investment promotion 

Cập Nhật 29-11-2022

According to Binh Duong Provincial People's Committee, from beginning of this year, external activities, trade promotion and investment cooperation...

Tag: foreign affairs,investment promotion,cooperation agreement

Over 98% of residents in Ho Chi Minh City carry COVID-19 antibodies 

Cập Nhật 29-11-2022

More than 98% residents of Ho Chi Minh City – the most populous locality in Vietnam - now possess COVID-19 antibodies, according to a survey announced by the municipal Health Department on November 28.

Tag: anti-body,COVID-19,HCMC

Top legislator leaves Hanoi for visits to Australia, New Zealand 

Cập Nhật 29-11-2022

National Assembly (NA) Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue left Hanoi on November 29 morning, starting his official visits to Australia and New Zealand from November 30 to December 6.

Tag: legislator,top,New Zealand visit

India-Malaysia joint military exercise begins 

Cập Nhật 29-11-2022

A joint military exercise involving troops of India and Malaysia began on November 29 with an aim to enhance inter-operability in the planning and execution of various operations in the jungle terrain.

Tag: joint exercise,Malaysia,India

Green transition creates opportunities for Vietnam’s export: forum 

Cập Nhật 29-11-2022

Transition to a green economy and green growth is not only an inevitable option but also an opportunity for Vietnam to become a pioneer in the region and keep up with the global development trend

Tag: green transition,Vietnam,chance

High-tech application in agricultural development promoted in Bac Tan Uyen district 

Cập Nhật 29-11-2022

Currently, the application of high-tech agricultural production in association with the restructuring of the agricultural sector is an inevitable direction.

Tag: agricultural production,high-tech application

Over 98% of families gained cultural status in 2022, Ben Cat town 

Cập Nhật 29-11-2022

The People's Committee of Ben Cat town recently had a meeting to approve the results of the review, grading, and consideration

Tag: cultural families,Ben Cat town

People in Bau Bang voluntarily donate over 11,500 square meters of land to road construction 

Cập Nhật 29-11-2022

Under the campaign of "All people unite to build civilized urban and new-style rural areas",

Tag: Bau Bang,

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