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Giám sát chặt để phòng bệnh Marburg đặc biệt nguy hiểm xâm nhập vào Việt Nam 

Cập Nhật 21-03-2023

Đây là bệnh đặc biệt nguy hiểm, khả năng lây truyền và tỷ lệ tử vong cao. Bệnh được phân loại thuộc nhóm A trong Luật Phòng chống bệnh truyền nhiễm của Việt Nam.

Tag: phòng bệnh Marburg

To accompany youths setting careers 

Cập Nhật 20-03-2023

Based on companion of Youth Union and associations, youth members in Phu Giao district

Tag: youth starting up

The 8th festival of senior high students and praising of students of 3 excellent characteristics 

Cập Nhật 20-03-2023

On March 19, at Hung Vuong Specialized High School, the Standing Committee of the provincial Youth Union

Tag: student festival,18 years old

174 medical quality researches present at Binh Duong provincial Scientific Conference of medical sector 2023 

Cập Nhật 20-03-2023

Morning of March 17, the Department of Health held a scientific and technological conference in Binh Duong province's health sector in 2023

Tag: medical researches,valuable

Binh Duong brand name promoted 

Cập Nhật 20-03-2023

Vietnam's diplomatic representative missions abroad for the 2023-2026 term

Tag: Binh Duong brand name,

"Peak day of volunteering to build a civilized city" launched 

Cập Nhật 20-03-2023

Early March 19, provincial Youth Union cooperated with Di An city’s Youth Union to organize a ceremony

Tag: Youth Union,

Binh Duong Newspaper’s Youth Union branch visits martyr Le Thi Thien’s memorial house and awards scholarships to students 

Cập Nhật 20-03-2023

On March 18, Binh Duong Newspaper’s Youth Union branch organized a delegation to visit the memorial house

Tag: Binh Duong,

2023 open Binh Duong traditional boat race to be held on April 20 ahead 

Cập Nhật 20-03-2023

With the desire of promoting the movement of practicing sailing in the whole province

Tag: traditional boat race,

Exploiting the potential, stimulating the development of the Southeast region by the "heat" from transport infrastructure 

Cập Nhật 20-03-2023

Developing inter-regional transport infrastructure is the most important factor of the Southeast region today.

Tag: transport connectivity,Southeast region,Ho Chi Minh City

Cooperation for mutual development 

Cập Nhật 20-03-2023

The Southeast is a dynamically developing economic region. In which, Ho Chi Minh City plays the role of the nucleus.

Tag: Southeast region,Ho Chi Minh City,traffic connection

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