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Cập Nhật 30-03-2023

(来源:越南人民报网)3月29日,越南妇女联合会执委会与联合国妇女署(UN Women)驻越南办事处在河内联合举行“妇女、网络安全与科学、技术、工程、数学领域”的国际论坛。

Tag: 妇女,网络安全,数字化

Nữ võ sỹ Việt Nam làm nên lịch sử tại đấu trường thế giới 

Cập Nhật 24-03-2023

Với chiến thắng trước đối thủ người Tây Ban Nha ở tứ kết Giải vô địch boxing nữ thế giới, Nguyễn Thị Tâm tối thiểu đã nắm chắc tấm huy chương Đồng cùng phần thưởng trị giá 25.000 USD của giải đấu.

Tag: Võ sỹ Nguyễn Thị Tâm

Laos sees dramatic improvements in health of mothers: UN report 

Cập Nhật 23-03-2023

The loss of life for mothers during childbirth reached its lowest point in Laos’s history, according to a new United Nations report.


Science and technology conference of Binh Duong medical industry in 2023: Convergence of valuable scientific research 

Cập Nhật 22-03-2023

The 2023 Binh Duong Medical Science and Technology Conference has ended. This is the largest sci-tech conference ever of the province's medical branch.

Tag: medical Science and Technology

Vietnam tops Southeast Asian Karate Championships 

Cập Nhật 21-03-2023

Vietnam ranked first at the 2023 Southeast Asian Karate Championships, which concluded in the Philippines on March 19.

Tag: Vietnam,Southeast Asia Karate

Tan Uyen town Association of Women to join hands to construct and develop the community reading movement 

Cập Nhật 21-03-2023

Afternoon of March 20, the Association of Women of Tan Uyen town in collaboration with the Center for Culture, Sports and Radio

Tag: book reading,community

Many solutions strengthened to take care of workers' lives 

Cập Nhật 18-03-2023

Currently, some enterprises in the province are still facing difficulties in orders and production, making life more difficult for workers.

Tag: workers' lives,Trade Union,Labor Confederation

Vietnam pledges to closely cooperate with ASEAN, UN in supporting Myanmar 

Cập Nhật 17-03-2023

As a member of ASEAN and the United Nations Human Rights Council for 2023-2025, Vietnam will continue its close coordination with the 10-member grouping

Tag: ASEAN pledging,Vietnam,UN human rights council

The ageless of Binh Duong pétanque team 

Cập Nhật 16-03-2023

Despite his 50, athlete Tang Van Danh, aka Muoi Danh, is still practicing and competing for the Binh Duong pétanque team.

Tag: 50-year-old player,devotion

Top badminton player ranks second at Thailand International Challenge 

Cập Nhật 15-03-2023

Nguyen Thuy Linh, Vietnam's top female badminton player, ranked second after losing out 2-0 to her Japanese opponent Asuka Takahashi in the final match of the Thailand International Challenge 2023 on March 12.

Tag: Nguyen Thuy Linh,Female Badminton Player,Asuka Takahashi,Thailand International Challenge 2023

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