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Bau Bang donates gratitude houses to 2 wounded soldiers 

Cập Nhật 28-01-2022

On the morning of January 27, Bau Bang district’s People's Committee donated gratitude houses to two wounded soldiers.

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Vietnam, UK forge cooperation in various fields 

Cập Nhật 27-01-2022

The UK’s Minister for Investment Lord Gerry Grimstone has expressed his interest in trade and investment promotion between Vietnam and the UK

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Warm spring of poor students 

Cập Nhật 27-01-2022

Spring has come everyone's door. In order for children to have happy Tet, schools and units have been organized many activities to give Tet gifts to students having difficult circumstances.

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Leaders of Binh Duong province receive religious dignitaries on Tet occasion 

Cập Nhật 27-01-2022

On the morning of January 26, Nguyen Van Loi, member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee...

Tag: Buddhist Sangha,Phu Cuong Bishops,Tet 2022

To bring sentimental gifts to all residing in hostels 

Cập Nhật 26-01-2022

In this year, many workers choose to stay in Binh Duong to celebrate Tet. Even though they are far from their hometown

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Visit with Tet wishing made to former State President Nguyen Minh Triet 

Cập Nhật 26-01-2022

The Party Committee of Binh Duong provincial Military HQ has just visited and wished New Year to Nguyen Minh Triet, the former Politburo member and former State President

Tag: former State President Nguyen Minh Triet,visit,Tet wishing

To soothe the pain of Covid-19 

Cập Nhật 26-01-2022

The Covid-19 pandemic hit, some children lost their father or mother, and some became orphans.

Tag: Labor Confederation,orphaned children,Tet 2022

Ý thức hơn nữa để sống chung an toàn với dịch bệnh 

Cập Nhật 26-01-2022

Giáp năm là thời điểm diễn ra nhiều lễ, tiệc tất niên, hiếu hỉ… Với quan niệm mỗi năm tết có một lần nên nhiều người vui quá và quên luôn việc phòng, chống dịch bệnh Covid-19.

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A warm Tet away from home 

Cập Nhật 25-01-2022

Due to the heavy impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on employment as income reduced and difficult circumstances induced.

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Support given to 2 students with hardship circumstances 

Cập Nhật 25-01-2022

On January 24, leaders of Binh Duong Children's Fund visited and gave support to 2 cases of disadvantaged children at VND 20 million each

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