Combat training in 2024 launched

Cập nhật: 02-03-2024 | 10:57:27

*Work starts on provincial Armed Forces ‘Traditional House

Early March 1, provincial Military Command held a ceremony to launch its combat training in 2024, in attendance of  Mai Hung Dung, Member of provincial Party Standing Committee, Permanent Vice-Chairman of provincial People's Committee.

At the ceremony, provincial Military Command thoroughly grasped and disseminated its armed forces training mission in 2024. Accordingly, agencies and units continue thoroughly grasping and effectively implementing the resolutions of all-level authorities on leadership to improve training quality; training under the "Basic - practical - solid" motto, focusing on synchronous and in-depth training, innovating organization and training methods at all levels, concentrating on training of commanding officers, training in accordance with tasks, subjects suitable to areas, organizing staff and existing equipment, focusing on practical training as the focus. Especially, the units combine combat training with building clean and strong Party cells and committees; building “Exemplary, typical" units", the "3 best" model and models of the Military Zone 7 and the province...

On this occasion, provincial Military Command’s Party Committee launched a peak emulation campaign with the theme of "Following the footsteps of Dien Bien soldiers - advancing to win the 3 best things". Accordingly, with the guiding spirit of "Maintaining solidarity; setting examples; strengthening discipline; being proactive; making innovation; successfully completing tasks", provincial Military Command’s Party Committee called on officers and soldiers to unanimously overcome difficulties and challenges, emulate and achieve excellent achievements to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Dien Bien Phu victory ( May 7, 1954 - May 7, 2024) towards the 80th founding anniversary of the Vietnam People's Army (December 22, 1944 - December 22, 2024), the 35th anniversary of the All People's National Defence Festival (December 22, 1989 - December 22, 2024). The peak emulation period is from March 1 to May 7.

*On the same morning, provincial Military Command started construction of its Traditional House. The work has total investment of over VND 14 billion, with 3 items, including a 550m2 traditional house; a surrounding yard, a green tree area of ​​nearly 600m2 and technical infrastructure.

Reported by Thu Thao-Translated by Kim Tin

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