Political Essay Contest on protecting the Party's ideological foundation launched

Cập nhật: 20-04-2024 | 09:06:50

Early April 19, provincial Party Committee's Propaganda-Education Commission launched a political essay contest on protecting the Party's ideological foundation in Binh Duong province in 2024. The event was attended by Truong Thi Bich Hanh, Member of provincial Party Standing Committee, Head of provincial Party Committee's Propaganda-Education Commission, Head of the contest’s organization board; leaders of departments, units and localities in the province.

According to the organization board of the contest, entries must ensure scientism, Party spirit, combativeness, orientation, closely combine "building" and "fighting" and have new discoveries. The organization board encourages entries that protect the basic principles and sustainable values ​​of Marxism-Leninism, Ho Chi Minh's thought and basic principles in the organization and operation of the Communist Party of Vietnam; propose supplementation, development of theories, perfecting guidelines, policies and laws; entries that directly refute and expose the anti-revolutionary and anti-scientific nature of the sabotage rhetoric of hostile, reactionary and politically opportunistic forces. The theme of entries focuses on basic issues, emerging ones in protecting the Party's ideological foundation, fighting against current wrong and hostile views...

For entries writing feelings, they focus on basic issues about the protection of the Party's ideological foundation, fighting against wrong, hostile views and glorious history of the Communist Party of Vietnam. They also included propaganda writings, concretizing the content of implementing the Resolution of the 11th provincial Party Congress for the 2020-2025 tenure; proposing solutions that contribute to improving the Party's leadership capacity and fighting power in the current context.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, Mrs. Hanh requested Party committees, localities, units, Steering Committee 35 forces at all levels and the organization board of the contest to identify the participation in the contest as one of their important tasks in protecting the Party's ideological foundation. When writing a work, a writer must ensure criteria on precision, obviousness, consistence, conciseness, criticizing bad and negative things, contributing to getting the society better... The organization board of the contest will receive entries until May 30, 2024 (based on postmark).

Reported by Thu Thao-Translated by Kim Tin

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