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Electronic firms continue to shift investment to Vietnam 

Cập Nhật 14-01-2023

In continuation of moving their production hubs, this year many of the giants in the world of technology and electronics have announced business expansion plans in Vietnam.

Tag: Apple,MacBook,Technology,Electronics,Dell,R&D Centre,Vietnam’s Political Stability

Law on Vietnamese Guest Workers 

Cập Nhật 28-08-2022

Coming into force on January 1 this year, the 2020 Law on Vietnamese Guest Workers (the Law) defines the rights, obligations and responsibilities of Vietnamese guest workers

Tag: Law on Vietnamese Guest Workers,

Thuan An city prepares well for the new school year 

Cập Nhật 22-08-2022

In the last days of this August, Thuan An city are preparing for the new school year. Many schools have been repaired and rebuilt...

Tag: Thuan An city,new school year 2022-2023,education branch

Trade Unions aid businesses in production and business development 

Cập Nhật 09-08-2022

The emulation movement of good workers, encouraging technical innovations has spread quickly among enterprises.

Tag: Greatree Industrial Joint Stock Company,Dang Cong Ha,good workers,emulation movement,technical innovations,workers,Pham Hong Bac,Trade Union,technical improvements

Binh Duong not to be neglectful, underestimate the risk of overlapping epidemics 

Cập Nhật 18-07-2022

According to Provincial Department of Health, the infection case number of dengue fever, hand-foot-mouth disease is forecasted to continue increasing in the coming time...

Tag: overlapping epidemics,covid-19,dengue fever,hand-foot-mouth disease

The problematic human resources on converting medical station functions 

Cập Nhật 17-06-2022

The effectiveness of operating the moveable medical station system is just the same as making the most of the health sector's resources

Tag: medical care,staff maintenance

Following the spirit of great spring victory 

Cập Nhật 27-04-2022

The 1975 Spring General Offensive and Uprising ended with the victory of the historic Ho Chi Minh campaign that completely liberated the South and reunified the country

Tag: great spring victory,

Enlistment camping festival 2022: Glory of soldiers 

Cập Nhật 16-02-2022

Yesterday (February 15), localities in the province solemnly held the enlistment camping festival 2022 to encourage new recruits.

Tag: Glory of soldiers,

Becamex Bình Dương thắng Khánh Hòa trận khai mạc BTV Cup 2021 

Cập Nhật 18-12-2021

(BDO) Bàn thắng duy nhất của tiền đạo ngoại binh đang thử việc Abass đã giúp Becamex Bình Dương (B.BD) có được chiến thắng sát nút 1-0 trước Khánh Hòa

Tag: BB.D thắng Khánh Hòa trận khai mạc BTV Cup 2021

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