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Daily number of COVID-19 cases rises from previous day 

Cập Nhật 06-12-2021

As many as 14,314 cases of COVID-19, including two imported, were recorded in Vietnam in 24 hours as of 4pm on December 5

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Winners of National Table Tennis Championships 2021 honoured 

Cập Nhật 06-12-2021

Winners were honoured at the closing ceremony of the 39th Nhan Dan Newspaper National Table Tennis Championships – PetroVietnam – Ca Mau Fertiliser Cup 2021

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Lao top legislator begins official visit to Vietnam 

Cập Nhật 06-12-2021

Chairman of the Lao National Assembly Saysomphone Phomvihane and a high ranking delegation of the Lao NA arrived in Hanoi

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Province-based enterprises promote construction of wastewater treatment systems 

Cập Nhật 06-12-2021

Receiving early warnings from many prestigious domestic and international agencies about the significant decline

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Personnel of provincial Women's Union consolidated 

Cập Nhật 06-12-2021

With the unanimity of provincial Party Standing Committee and the Central Party Committee of the Vietnam Women's Union

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Ips attract over 80% of FDI capital flowing into province 

Cập Nhật 06-12-2021

The whole province now has 29 industrial parks (Ips). Among them, there are 27 Ips in operation with nearly 11,000 hectares in total ​​ with the rate of land lease reaching 87.4%

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The province prepares for the third Covid-19 jabs 

Cập Nhật 06-12-2021

Following the directive of Ministry of Health on the basic and repeated doses of Covid-19 vaccine (the third dose)...

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Becamex Binh Duong U21 football team wins consecutively 

Cập Nhật 06-12-2021

After the first two matches of the National U21 Qualifier 2021, Becamex Binh Duong (B.BD) U21 football team is showing quite impressive performance.

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66 savings books presented to children of union members who died of Covid-19 

Cập Nhật 06-12-2021

On the morning of December 5, Binh Duong Provincial Labor Confederation held a program to give the "Vietnam Trade Union Passbook" to orphaned children of trade union members who died of the Covid-19.

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AFF Cup 2020, Việt Nam - Lào: Thầy trò HLV Park Hang Seo với mục tiêu giành trọn 3 điểm 

Cập Nhật 06-12-2021

Tối nay (6-12), lúc 19 giờ 30 phút, đội tuyển (ĐT) Việt Nam sẽ có trận đấu đầu tiên tại AFF Cup 2020 với ĐT Lào.

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