Significant activities to mark 75th death anniversary of martyr Vu A Dinh held

Cập nhật: 14-06-2024 | 12:37:57

Early June 13, Thu Dau Mot city’s Young Pioneer Organization (YPO) in coordination with the YPO of Hiep An Secondary School, organized a commemorative program marking the 75th death  of martyr Vu A Dinh (June 15, 1949 - June 15, 2024).

At the event, delegates, teachers and students reminisced about the heroic example of martyr Vu A Dinh, watching a stage performance depicting his background and courageous sacrifice, performed by members of Hiep An Secondary School’s YPO members.

Martyr Vu A Dinh was born in a revolutionary H'Mong family in Tuan Giao district’s Pu Nhung commune in Dien Bien province. During the resistance against the French colonialists, his family was a revolutionary base. At the age of 13, he volunteered as a liaison, providing provisions to revolutionary bases and local people, and became a liaison member of Tuan Giao district’s Armed Forces Unit. Despite his young age, with bravery, determination, resilience, and intelligence, he faced dangerous situations many times, but always successfully completed his assigned tasks. He heroically sacrificed himself on the night of June 15, 1949, near Ban Chan post, before turning 15 years old.

The program also featured English language proficiency experience, team-building games, and summer activities for YPO members and students. On this occasion, the city's YPO awarded 15 scholarships under the "Illuminating the dreams of Thu Dau Mot's children" program to 15 poor-but-excellent YPO members and students at Hiep An Secondary School. Additionally, they presented a “”Mang non” (Young shoot) work titled "Our YPO’s sounding” to the YPO of Hiep An Secondary School.

Reported by Ngoc Nhu-Translated by Kim Tin

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